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The Power of Empathy and Emotional Intelligence in Leadership: Insights from Amir Syed

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Welcome to the latest post from Proven Pathways, hosted by Sam Hajighasem, the founder of Venture Podcasting.

In this episode, we dive deep into a conversation with Amir Syed, Co-Founder of Growth Only Coaching. This firm specializes in guiding Mortgage Loan Officers (MLO) to double their production, honing their Sales, Operations, and Finance skills with the help of experienced coaches active in the field.

The Leadership Mantra: Empathy First

Amir Syed strongly believes in the transformative power of empathy in leadership. True leadership isn't about maintaining a perfect image but owning up to mistakes and understanding the unique challenges and aspirations of every team member. The most effective leaders, according to Amir, are those who internalize this empathy and channel it into meaningful actions.

Human-to-Human Interactions in Business

Beyond the B2B and B2C domains, Amir emphasizes the indispensable value of H2H, or human-to-human, interactions. This philosophy pivots around treating people the way they wish to be treated. He elaborates on this with a heartwarming instance where he rewarded his assistant's dedication not with a raise but with a ticket to a personal development event - demonstrating his grasp on emotional intelligence and the essence of H2H.

Emotional Intelligence: A Leadership Pillar

Drawing from his experiences, Amir underscores the importance of emotional intelligence for leaders. Recognizing team members' efforts and genuinely appreciating them forms the crux of successful leadership. This recognition not only fosters loyalty but also invigorates a team's spirit, motivating them to reach unprecedented heights.

Growth Only Coaching: A Revolution in Training

Growth Only Coaching, recently rebranded as GO Coaching, embodies Amir's vision of fostering growth by embracing action. With a keen focus on modern content creation and branding, they are shaping the future of Mortgage Loan Officers. Furthermore, their recent acquisition, Go Creative, consolidates their commitment to enhancing the personal brand of loan officers.

Looking Ahead

As we look towards the future, Amir envisions transitioning from coaching loan officers and realtors to mentoring global entrepreneurs. His genuine and grounded communication style, coupled with actionable insights, promises to resonate with many budding entrepreneurs worldwide.

Connecting with Amir

For readers eager to delve deeper into Amir's insights or explore the offerings of GO Coaching, Amir is just a click away. Connect with him on his active Instagram handle, @AmirSayed, or explore his insights across other social media platforms.


This blog post not only encapsulates the wisdom of Amir Syed but also resonates with the ethos of Venture Podcasting. As always, our goal is to provide readers with value, insights, and actionable takeaways that can drive growth and success.

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