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We're Venture Podcasting,

The Podcast Agency That Generates Revenue For B2B Companies

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At Venture Podcasting, we focus on

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Quality leads:

Your leads are not going to stay leads, but actually, turn into clients. Not any clients, but the most qualified for your business. We do that by creating authentic relationships. We'll increase your cold outreach conversion and referrals through the power of podcast Networking.  

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Consistent Lead Generation (Long-term engagement): 

Podcasts can be an ongoing series, that can continue to attract leads over time, unlike a one-time event, tradeshow or campaign.

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We maximize the value of the content by reaching new audiences, increasing engagement, and generating new leads. We can even turn your existing video content into podcasts. 

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With a decade of experience, we know how to make it easy for you. We are your partner who lifts the heavy work. 

We Believe In Authenticity that's why we generate revenue through the most authentic medium out there!

Meet Our Team

Portrait of Sam Hajighasem, the esteemed founder and CEO of Venture Podcasting. This image captures the visionary leader behind our pioneering B2B podcast marketing agency, exemplifying our commitment to innovative podcast marketing and digital strategies for B2B growth.

Sam Hajighasem 

Founder of Venture Podcasting

Image of a Venture Podcasting Team member

Suri Akhlaghi

Podcast Producer

Image of a Venture Podcasting Team member

Hazel Mabaga

Executive Assistant

Image of Yasi Rezvani, the dynamic co-founder of Venture Podcasting. Yasi's expertise in B2B digital marketing and content strategy shines through, reflecting the strength and creativity at the core of our podcast production and marketing services for B2B brands.

Yasi Rezvani

Co-Founder and Client Success Manager

Image of a Venture Podcasting Team member

Mary H.

Director of Business Development

Image of a Venture Podcasting Team member

Ramin Rez

Director of Marketing

Image of a Venture Podcasting Team member

Dr. Mehdi Alimohammadi

Human Resources

Our team of 8+ specialists

Image of a Venture Podcasting Team member

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