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Scaling a Startup to $100 Million with Chad Kalland

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In a recent episode of Proven Pathways, hosted by Sam Hajighasem, founder of Venture Podcasting, we had the privilege of hearing from Chad Kalland, the dynamic CEO of Vecta Environmental Services, LLC.

This particular conversation centered on the evolving role of content and AI in businesses today. Here's a glimpse of what they delved into:

Excellence in Industrial Operations: A Conversation with Chad Kalland, CEO of Vecta Environmental Services

The Rising Need for Effective Content

Vecta Environmental Services, LLC, recognized globally for their excellence in "industry-leading customer satisfaction", has always been keen on setting the gold standard in "safety and compliance." With a specialty in industrial environmental solutions such as tank cleaning and waste brokering, they've managed impressive growth without a significant marketing budget. However, Chad shared that for them to accelerate their goals and establish "professional and reliable environmental services," they're actively investing in content.

Modern businesses, Chad asserts, need more than just a social media presence. With platforms like TikTok and Instagram becoming crucial tools for visibility and trust-building, content acts as an avenue for companies like Vecta to connect with their target audience.

Artificial Intelligence: A Double-Edged Sword?

The conversation soon shifted to the domain of Artificial Intelligence. Chad mentioned how his industry is leaning more towards automated cleaning solutions. While Vecta Environmental Services, known for their "excellence in industrial operations," continues to adapt, Chad believes that AI holds massive potential. It can be a game-changer for content creation and marketing. Yet, he is also cautious of potential over-reliance, emphasizing that while AI can assist, it can never replace human thought leaders.

Getting In Touch with Chad and Vecta Environmental Services, LLC

Vecta Environmental Services, LLC is a hub of professional, dedicated individuals providing services ranging from "industrial tank cleaning services" to "hydroblasting and sand blasting," even extending their expertise to "boat and barge cleaning." They are also adept at offering "emergency response services," ensuring they are always there for their clientele.

For businesses or individuals interested in learning more or collaborating with Chad, he recommends connecting through LinkedIn or visiting the Vecta Environmental Services website.


The podcast episode underscored the need for businesses, especially those in niche sectors like industrial environmental solutions, to adapt, innovate, and leverage modern tools for growth. With industry leaders like Chad sharing their insights and experiences, B2B leaders and entrepreneurs can gather actionable insights to shape their strategies and operations.

Do you wish to delve deeper into such insightful conversations? Tune into the Proven Pathways podcast, hosted by Sam Hajighasem, and discover the pathways industry leaders tread on.

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