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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How video clips can help you?
    Low Engagement Video with Low Views Transform your videos with low engagement into captivating content. We specialize in enhancing videos to attract more views and better engage your audience. From Zoom-Recorded to Professional Clips Upgrade from basic Zoom recordings to professional-grade clips. We offer high-quality production services, including compelling storytelling and dynamic B-roll, to elevate your video content. Audio Podcast to Video Podcast Convert your audio podcasts into engaging video podcasts. Our team crafts visually appealing and storytelling shorts that complement and enhance your audio content. Revitalizing Your Content Library Turn your existing content library into engaging, useful material. We specialize in reimagining and revitalizing content to capture your audience's attention and interest. Beyond AI and Automation Tools While AI and automation tools are useful, they lack the ability to empathize, understand storytelling hooks, and create relatable content. Our human touch ensures your content resonates deeply with your audience, something technology alone can't achieve.
  • Can I incorporate my existing brand elements into the video clips?
    Absolutely! Once you choose your package, we'll invite you to a dedicated Slack channel and provide access to secure cloud storage where you can upload your brand kit, ensuring your clips maintain brand consistency.
  • What if I need more video clips than my package offers?
    You can purchase additional credits anytime. Access to your dedicated Slack channel and cloud storage will be maintained for seamless continuation of services.
  • Apart from creating video clips, can you help launch and grow my podcast? 🚀
    Yes, Venture Bite is part of Venture Podcasting, a full-service podcasting agency. We can support you with everything from launching to growing your podcast presence.
  • What if I'm not satisfied with the final video clip?
    You can ask for revisions. We're committed to working with you until you’re completely satisfied with the final product.
  • How do I ensure the video clips reflect my personal or brand style?
    Our process is interactive and tailored. You’ll have the opportunity to communicate your preferences and style guidelines through our Slack channel, ensuring each video aligns with your vision.
  • How can I customize the videos to my taste?
    Once you join, there a is form that you will fill out and you will tell us what is your preferred editing style this incluses, subtitles, emojis, animationam and more.
  • How quickly can we get started on creating my video clips?
    Typically, you'll be all set within the first hour after selecting your package. However, to ensure everything is in place, we recommend allowing a 24-hour window.
  • Can you handle clips in any language?
    As of now we are only able to offer clips in English.
  • What exactly does "turning audio podcast to video clips" entail?
    It involves creating engaging short-form video content from your podcast’s audio. We highlight key moments, add relevant visuals, and format them for optimal performance on social media platforms.
  • Will the quality of your clips be better than what I've experienced with AI clip tools?
    Absolutely. We pride ourselves on the human touch that sets us apart. Our expert team uses creativity and editorial judgment to ensure the quality of each clip reflects the essence of your brand, something AI tools can't replicate. Expect personalized service and a product that feels genuinely you, without the common pitfalls of automated software.
  • I currently handle editing in-house, why should I outsource this?
    Unless you're a media company and creating videos is your main competency, having internal resources working on this is likely holding you back. 1. Bandwidth: To succeed you'll need 1-4 clips per day. Internal marketers are likely the most expensive resource you have and they should be focused on high-leverage jobs and not something easily outsourced. 2. Learning Curve: Getting the hang of the proper editing style and getting into rhythm often takes months to get right. You can skip this learning period by working with the experts from day 1. 3. Costs: An internal employee in the USA or Europe costs $120k per year, or $10k per month. A professional edited clip takes 4 hours to create. This comes out to $250-400 per video clip (10x more!)
  • Why should we choose your service over a freelancer?
    While freelancers can offer a degree of flexibility, our specialized team provides consistent quality, reliability, and a streamlined process tailored for your brand. With our service, you get a dedicated team that understands your brand voice and audience, ensuring each clip is not just content but a strategic tool for engagement. Plus, with our structured approach, you can expect timely deliveries and a scalable solution as your content needs grow.
  • How do you ensure the video clips align with the latest social media platform requirements?
    Our team stays updated on the latest trends and requirements for social media content, ensuring your video clips are optimized for engagement and reach.
  • How can I specify a particular segment of my podcast for editing?
    You will have the opportunity to provide specific timestamps using a form prior to uploading your files. If you're unsure of the exact moments, don't worry—we specialize in extracting the most compelling stories from your entire podcast.
  • Is it possible to get multiple short clips from a single podcast episode?
    Certainly! Our service is flexible, allowing you to get as many clips as you need from one podcast episode. Just let us know what you're looking for, and we'll tailor the outputs to fit your content strategy.

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